Editorial and Desktop Publishing Services for STEM Education

STEM Education resources


STEM is the ellipsis for four academic subjects’ disciplines– Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, relating to Natural Sciences, Physical science, Technology, and Mathematics.

Neomindz Malaysia

Technical Services:

  • Layout design
  • Character styling
  • Font and color management
  • Conversion between print and digital
  • Setting mathematical equations, reprint and corrections, if any

The form of typesetting is continually changing. We are moving towards more engaging digital approaches. ‘Big Data’ is promising to not only analyse consumption but to respond to learning. We aim to help publishers in this transition while maintaining acceptable typographic standards.

Production Processes:

The model that we regularly follow with publishers is highly organized and includes-

  • Authored and edited manuscripts
  • Design templates
  • Font management
  • Artwork briefs and artwork lists

Once a publication has been initially typeset, it will usually have correction rounds where the writers, editors, and sometimes designers make further changes.

Template Refinement and Layout Design:

With design layouts and refining templates, we can:

  • Analyse a design and refine areas that are often overlooked
  • Set up your design using production methods that are tried and tested

The objective is to maintain consistency and for the design to perform within a production process. Our services include:

  • Template design
  • Paragraph, character, and object styles


Neomindz Malaysia works with you to develop and implement your ideas on projects such as:

  • Training manuals
  • Annual reports
  • Medical journals and technical guides, and
  • Reviews

We also provide output for any device, including—Print, digital, web (HTML), and eBook.


Content Development for STEM

Neomindz specialises in the field of STEM learning with a focus on mathematics for educational publishers. High-quality Content Development for STEM is required to construct theories, subject topics, and the development of skills training necessary to impact the learners.

The STEM program specialises in typesetting for print and digital mediums. We are experienced in technical publications and services, including:

  • Layout design
  • Paragraph and character styling
  • Conversion between print and digital
  • Setting mathematical equations
  • Reprints and Corrections

Neomindz, the publishing partner for STEM, delivers Typesetting Services that empower publishers to stay ahead of the competition in the publishing landscape. Our completely customisable XML-based publishing platform and quality-focused process at content enhancement stages self-regulate Typesetting Services and enable a timely and cost-efficient Publishing Process- across multiple workflows.

‘Accuracy and attention to detail, define–Quality Typesetting’

Our team of experts at Neomindz has the skills and experience to help you achieve your IT goals and drive your business forward.Connect with us at https://neomindz.com/ for an excellent publishing adventure

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