Skills Ontology from Its Your Skills (IYS)

IYS is focused on research on skills, continuous updation of its skills ontology and providing value to our user groups in different forms, to use the employee skills effectively. They have the worlds first Skills Ontology based solution that can drive business goals and mission effectively, with effective talent management.

Skills Ontology is a structured resource on skills. Ontology is not merely a collection or a list or a. database. To better understand Skills Ontology its necessary to first comprehend the basic. problem it aims to solve.


Skills Applications

During the downturn, organizations are focussing how to build skills for recovery and get back into the growth curve. Its ideal time for business leaders to find the right talents for reconstruction. Identify the right skills, aggregate organizational skills, find out any gaps and build the team. This team-building with the right talent can redeploy organizational skills according to priorities for recovery and growth.

To build organizational skills, HR Leaders may have to plan for short-term and long term responses. One of the levers for employers to manage the crisis as quickly as possible is to utilize the internal staff, trainees, hire and extend the trial periods.

Recruiting full-time executives will be an expensive process unless until it is too critical requirements. Favour internal mobility over the recruitment of external resources would be ideal. For the employee skills management, profiling of skills is a necessary process that you can start, that includes support functions as well.

There are HR Tech applications such as HRMS, HRIS, HCM, LMS and many more. However, the majority of these applications are missing the core of skills profiling, that can personalize the skills management. That’s where Its Your Skills plays a vital role. Check out skills ontology or a skills science-based skills profiling, to match employee skills Vs job skills.

IYS Skills Management is a strategic HR application, ‘designed on Ontology Framework’. The application aims to build employee skills, jobs skills and organizational skills for organizational competence and talent management. This application and its workflows will help to build skills that are required for the required performance and competitiveness of the company. This method makes it possible to reconcile the skills that the company needs and the skills available in the Human Capital of the company: knowledge, know-how and individual and collective skills.