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It is the collaborative partnerships that enables business transformations.


People, Process and Technologies that transforms businesses.


Transforming business process by leveraging digital technologies.


Committed to support businesses to ensure business continuity.

Neomindz Sdn. Bhd.

Our approach – More than giving advice

Neomindz wants to be more than just a consulting advisor, and we want to be a trusted partner deriving long term value. Partnerships are successful when they work together, leveraging the best in each other to achieve collective and individual goals that far exceed project expectations.

Consulting success is when your customers achieve their desired outcome and touching the lives of everyone.

Services – Adopt the right

Neomindz is committed to guiding our clients towards the successful application of technology and management. As a client-centric organization, Neomindz operates as your member team, ensuring that your needs and expectations are fulfilled and that your problems are solved.

With our services, During the downturn, organizations are focussing on how to build skills for recovery and get back into the growth curve.

Solutions such as SKILLS ONTOLOGY that can transform the the entire workforce ecosystem

skills ontology

Technology –

Identify relevant

Which technologies are playing a role for your organisation now and in the future? A scanning project document gives you an overview. We support you in defining and structuring your question by first identifying your need for information. Subsequently, we develop a structured technology road map. neomindz offers technology consulting, product and component service with 100% people on ground to support.