Strategy and Consulting

Our strategy and consulting activity consist of advising our clients to define their strategic actions, setting up a suitable information system and innovative Informative technology solutions. We optimize time and resources while speeding up the process of finding new business, business partners, and profitable deals.


Our automation activity consists of helping companies to automate their business processes or repetitive tasks to allow them to focus on their core business. Automation solutions are from tech applications such as HrTech, EduTech, MarkTech & DesignTech.

Subject Matter Experts

Our Consultants are experts in fast-growing technology solutions. They are particularly focused on industries such as Healthcare, Engineering, Manufacturing and Education. These vertical exposed consultants are specialised in providing sales and information technology Services to our digitally disrupting world.

Go Digital

Our Digital consulting activity consists in helping our clients to concretely strengthen or to position themselves in a globalized market with digital technologies. Our vision is to deliver transformational IT and operational advantages to SME organizations.

Neomindz Inc.

To transform organizations, we should blend digital and human capabilities. Adopting innovative business models and leveraging new learnings is the path to attain goals.

Outsourced Marketing: Neomindz

It’s simple: call you us if you think any one of the following is your requirement. 

Ideal Customer Profile: When you are saying, I’m not sure that we know who the right buyer is. 

Marketing Technology: We aren’t sure what technology stack we need to be efficient and successful. 

Traffic Generation: When you need to drive more genuine traffic to our website. 

Lead Generation: When you say we have a hard time converting data points to qualified leads.

Neomindz focus to maximise marketing and sales efficacy. More profitable deals.


Lead Conversion: When you say we have difficulty converting leads into buyers.

Profitable Deals: Yes, I have customers, but our margins are low and not able sustainable. 

Account Management: Continuum touch with your customers, engage and deliver your promise and revenue realization. 

Budgeting & ROI: When you say we can’t demonstrate a return on marketing investment. 

.  Read more…

Skills Development: Ansys

Neomindz is an official representative of Ansys, Inc. in Malaysia, and we offer the Ansys software to the market, tools for all engineering disciplines that require simulation in the development of products and processes.

With global performance through its more than a hundred partners around the world, Ansys is a worldwide leader in engineering simulation. The engineering discipline covers structural, electromagnetic, fluid dynamic and multi-physics analysis, and helps the world’s most innovative companies to supply radically better products to their customers.

Neomindz focus to maximise training efficacy and optimizing the cost.
  • Companies, universities and research centres around the world trust Ansys solutions to reduce product development time, optimize processes and obtain the best return on investment.
  • Neomindz provide a full-service training solution that enables a centre of excellence in simulation training.
  • The program is designed to deliver the ultimate realistic mission training experience, combining innovative technologies and software that provides an authentic design environment to develop skills in product design and industrial designs.  Read more…

Skills Management: IYS Skills

Organizations need to design modern talent management systems that smartly integrate digital tools to identify, recruit, engage, compensate, deploy and develop talent. For this, they need in-depth data on the skills and proficiencies of people as well as exhaustive job descriptions. This data forms a vital resource for the HR community.

Skill-based applications and development strategies support this type of personalized approach aligning the appropriate development options to each of the competencies that are required for job success. This is the crux of skills ontology. From a well-established ontology, HR can draw better inferences through analytics and thus can make a better impact on businesses and operations.

The use of ontology is not just for recruitment but can aid in a multitude of facets of skills management and human resources management. The reason why skill ontology is the foundation for future HRM needs is because of its unique aspects such as

Neomindz provides skills ontology based skills management solutions to organizations seeking skills development and talent management.
  • The Skills Ontology in addition to aggregation and organization of skills establishes relationships between different categories of skills. It maps skills and proficiencies to specific jobs makes the recruitment process faster, easier and precise.
  • Using the data from skills ontology of jobs and people, organizations can identify the skills gaps of the individual concerning their current job or with that, the individual aspires for or that the organization plans for them in the future.
  • Neomindz provides skills ontology based skills management solutions to organizations seeking skills development and talent management. Read more…

How to build your skills profile ?