Our IT Consulting Services

Integration and Consulting

From the new generation, CMS platforms for the multi-channel management of business content, to the innovative solutions for the integration of business systems, applications and software on the Cloud, Neomindz Digital Integration products and services allow your organization to simplify all business processes and
make your company competitive in the new digital world.

Content Management Systems

Global leading solutions to automate and make the entire life-cycle of business document and content management more efficient: Document capture, Automatic extraction of data and information, Secure sharing, Integration with all company IT systems, Analysis in time real data, secure storage of documents and information.

Cyber Security & Automation

Neomindz offers next-generation services and solutions for the company’s 360-degree security: Next-Generation Firewalls, Virtualized Next-Generation Firewalls, Network Security Management, Advanced Endpoint Protection and SaaS applications Security are just some of the solutions to protect your company from Virus, Malware, Ransomware, Exploits, Insider attacks, from all computer attacks, known and unknown, protecting the network and all connected devices.

Business Continuity

Neomindz offers to provide consulting and delivery of end to end full-stack development of business applications and apps that makes cloud to work effectively. These will ensure apps to more stable,  productive and reduce management costs. The advice and design of a computer network or system are very complex: it must be carefully planned according to the customer’s needs, to “customize” every aspect of the system. We aim to provide a platform that can be exploited to its full potential, capable of improving and not slowing down work.

Neomindz Inc.

To transform organizations, we should blend digital and human capabilities. Adopting innovative business models and leveraging new learnings is the path to attain goals.

Partnering to Win: Embrace the Dynamics of Today’s Technology-Driven Partner Ecosystem

In today’s dynamic business landscape, every stakeholder has no choice but to go digital and embrace all that the latest technology has to offer – from AI and IoT to smart data management systems. We are certainly in a world where technology has become the core for success in any field, from manufacturing and cab services to banking and restaurant chains. You can no longer be a lone wolf in such a technologically complicated landscape – building smart technology-driven partner ecosystems is clearly the only way to succeed.

Models of such partner ecosystems are evolving at lightning speed, burying all traditional partnering approaches. This is the generation of collaborative and customer-driven partner environments, where the focus is on bridging gaps in skill sets and building well-integrated connections to deliver intelligent solutions that will wow and woo customers. This ecosystem is also fast transforming competitors into partners across verticals. A typical example is the concept of physical internet that is fast gaining grounds in the logistics world. Seen as a unique concept that can help e-commerce and logistics stakeholders win the last-mile challenge, the physical internet is all about using collaboration to share space and resources to meet or beat delivery deadlines.

Technology-driven partner ecosystems hence are definitely the best option available for SMEs to create a symbiotic environment of collaboration to compete effectively against the tech giants. Such a collaborative ecosystem has many benefits.

The advantages of a technology-driven partner ecosystem

Simplifying the digital transformation journey

Enabling innovative thinking

Delivering best-of-breed solutions

Broadening the market scope

Delivering maximum benefits to customers

Gain from a technology-driven partner ecosystem

A role-based partner ecosystem with every stakeholder contributing to the final solution, service, or product that reaches the customer is the best. Such an ecosystem empowers niche but small players in matching the strong competition of tech giants. However, adopting this approach requires a lot of transformation in the way we approach business and plan our strategies. It involves sharing at least a portion of our know-how and resources. It requires a smart collaborative approach. Such ecosystems can benefit from a robust partner such as Neomindz that focuses entirely on delivering the strong foundation of a digital platform and framework. Such ecosystems have the ability of integrating the best of flexible, scalable, and high-value solutions, services, and products, delivering an entirely customer-centric business model.

The business world is well on its way towards fostering smart technology-driven partner ecosystems. Where are you in this journey?