Our Technology Partner Program Simply put, it is about solutions that complement our portfolio.

Our technology partnerships verify partner products are compatible with ours, integrate well and allow joint development of innovative products and solutions. The program spans five segments: skills development, skills management, business process consulting and Analytics

Together We’re Strong: Collaborating Technology Partners
  • Revenue
  • Market expansion
  • Consulting opportunity
  • Next level of growth orbit
  • Integration opportunity with other providers
  • $million projects connecting multiple countries


Creating a better business outcome should always be our top priority, and engineering business leaders know they can’t accurately measure productivity in product development with outright outcomes. Right Simulation software can enable engineering business outcomes. Read More ………

During the downturn, organizations are focussing how to build skills for recovery and get back into the growth curve. Its ideal time for business leaders to find the right talents for reconstruction. Identify the right skills, aggregate organizational skills, find out any gaps and build the team. Read More ……..